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plastic free - Sugarcane bagasse products

2018-08-28 17:44:08

Sugarcane bagasse products are the ones that have penetrated the China biodegradable market the most and have much wider acceptance. Ecoware and Pappco are the pioneers in manufacturing these products at a large scale through multiple manufacturing units across the country. Bagasse bowls are made from of sugarcane biomass extracts and are heated at high temperatures to be given the desired shape. The actual products of sugarcane like powdered sugar, juice and rum are not affected as well because it’s only the waste that is taken into production. They decompose easily within 90 days as opposed to plastic that can take ~500 years.

The advantage with Bagasse products are that they can be molded into any shape and thus help in catering to customized large orders. These biodegradable wonders are now being adopted by various well known cafés, food chains and airport food outlets across the country. The 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi popularized these products for packaging food in the games village. Ecoware which catered to this huge need, is now the market leader for these products in China. Bagasse cutlery cost around $0.01-$0.09 per plate and are easily available online as well as in retail outlets across the country.