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Types of plastic cutlery food grade paper cup takeout paper cup

2018-07-23 22:55:27

It is often used as a mineral water bottle, a cola drink bottle, and a juice bottle. Because it can only be heat-resistant at 120 °C, it is only suitable for cold drinks and warm drinks. If it is filled with high-temperature liquids or heated, it will deform.

The tableware commonly used in the unit canteen is a thermosetting plastic and is often used to make bowls, dishes, chopsticks, spoons and other food utensils. It is made of Melamine and formaldehyde resin as the main raw materials, adding appropriate amount of cellulose fillers and colorants and other auxiliary materials. Its appearance and feel such as porcelain, acid resistance and alkali resistance, surface hardness and impact resistance are relatively high, long service life, it can be cleaned and sterilized in the dishwasher below 120 °C. The same size and thin tableware, dense amine tableware is lighter than porcelain tableware, but it is not as easy to break as porcelain, so it is particularly popular with parents of infants and young children. Due to the special molecular structure of dense amine plastics, it is not suitable for use in microwave ovens, otherwise it is easy to crack. Melamine in the tableware, if not fully polymerized, will also be partially melted into the food. The market has seized "dense amine tableware" made of urinary aldehyde resin or phenolic resin. Its shape is very similar to that of authentic dense amine tableware. It is not easy for most people to identify, but it contains high formaldehyde, especially after heating. Or "hot" food is more easily precipitated after storage, so you should go to the regular store to buy authentic factory production of amines tableware.