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To cut down on single-use plastics!

2018-12-04 11:54:29

 To cut down on single-use plastics!


Plastic pollution has been growing like a waistline: like candy, we enjoy it for a moment, and before we know it, we have a big problem.

It’s time for a diet.


What makes plastic good is what makes it bad too: it lasts and lasts, and never goes away.We’re not good stewards of the Earth if we cover it with plastic. We can’t just enjoy its short-term benefits and ignore its long-term costs.


The cure is simple: we need to reduce our use. Here’s one easy way to start.Some restaurants use foam containers and plastic utensils. Drinks come in a plastic cup with a plastic straw. That plastic is useful for a few minutes, then thrown away. Minutes of use for centuries of trash: it that worth it?