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Sustainably Sourced and Produced -Quality Take Out Containers

2018-06-28 14:25:29

Quality Take Out Containers

Tired of cheaply produced and environmentally poisonous styrofoam containers on the market, the team at California Containers set out to create a product that's both sustainable and high-quality to meet the needs of restuarant take-out orders. This take out box is the result - a product which provides sturdy transport for food from the restaurant to home, but then disappears into the earth without a trace when it's no longer needed.

These boxes behave as well as - or in some cases better than - traditional styrofoam containers. They're oil and moisture resistant, so damp or oily foods can be stored in them.

They're food-safe since they're made from plant-based materials, unlike petroleum-based plastics which are used in the production of styrofoam. And unlike styrofoam, they're microwave safe! Store your leftovers overnight and heat them up for lunch the next day without having to transfer to another dish. 

Sustainably Sourced and Produced

These clamshell take out boxes are made from sugarcane fibers sourced using Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards - this means that more sugarcane is planted than is harvested for the creation of these boxes. 

When you or your customers are finished using these boxes, simply throw them away or put them in a compost bin - these containers are fully biodegradable and compostable. If disposed properly, they will be fully broken down by natural processes in a matter of months. If stored indoors at room temperature, these boxes will last for years to come!