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Low carbon life, green dining

2018-10-29 09:36:58

Low carbon life, green dining

Environmental protection tableware is a kind of food containers which are harmless to human body, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to degrade, non-polluting in the process of manufacture, use and destruction, and the product quality fully meets the national food hygiene requirements. Environmentally-friendly tableware is not equal to degradation of tableware, degradable tableware is only a type of environmental cutlery.

True and false identification of environmentally-friendly tableware:

  1. Counterfeit environmental protection plastic tableware-soft hand, tear easily rupture, a pungent smell and choke eyes, easy to leak when heat deformation
  2. counterfeit pulp tableware - poor strength, deep color, serious oil seepage phenomenon.
  3. there is no factory name, no trademark and no production date on the box and lunch box.
  4. The counterfeit tableware is heavier than the qualified product. It is easy to sink after being torn and put into water.
  5. the price is cheap, such as the ordinary rice box.

Development of environmental protection industry in China

The overall scale of China's environmental protection industry is relatively small, and its boundary and connotation are still expanding and enriching. With the development of China's social economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, the direct contribution of China's environmental protection industry to the national economy will gradually become an industry to improve the quality of economic operation, promote economic growth and improve the economic and technological level. The direction of industry connotation expansion will mainly focus on clean technology, clean products, environmental services and so on. The concept of China's environmental protection industry will also evolve into "environmental industry" or "green industry".

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, China's environmental protection industry is expected to maintain an average annual growth rate of 15-17%. The key areas of investment in environmental protection include water environment, atmospheric environment, solid waste, ecological environment, nuclear safety, radiation environmental protection and environmental capacity-building. In 2010, the total annual income of the environmental protection industry will reach 880-1000 billion yuan, of which 660 billion yuan is the output value of comprehensive utilization of resources, 120 billion yuan is the output value of environmental protection equipment and 100 billion yuan is the output value of environmental services.