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Is your disposable lunch box green?

2018-10-22 12:57:30

IS your disposable lunch box green?


With the rapid development of the fast food industry and the takeaway industry, the use of disposable tableware has also increased rapidly. But for what kind of disposable tableware is environmentally friendly, we do not seem to have a very clear understanding.

Tableware is our daily necessities. In ordinary family life, tableware can be recycled, but when you go out to dinner encounter packing problems, the use of tableware are often disposable, but disposable tableware to our harm is not a few. Disposable foam utensils are used to decompose toxins when the temperature exceeds 65 degrees. When people eat foods with poison, they will also be hurt.


White pollution is also a word we often hear, one of its main sources is these disposable tableware, therefore, disposable tableware brings only harm.

And embracing tableware is different, embracing tableware production materials are non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and there is no odor, in the production, use, destruction process will not produce pollution, the price is cheaper, what are the advantages of environmentally friendly meals?

  1. Environment-friendly tablewarecan be reused. Whether it is used in restaurants or at home, environment-friendly tableware is very safe and healthy tableware.
  2. The appearance of the environmental protection tableware is exquisite and the styles are diverse.
  3. Environmental protection tableware can withstand the highest temperature of 110 C, and will not melt, will not produce any toxic and harmful substances,in the temperature of minus 20 C will not break.
  4. Hard texture, easy deformation, pressure resistance, can be used as packing box.

As the pollution of the earth becomes more and more serious, responding to "environmental protection" can be said to be the responsibility of each of us, the emergence of environmental protection tableware let us say goodbye to disposable tableware.

Let's throw away disposable tableware and use our environmental cutlery!