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How the Sugarcane Bagasse Material to Bagasse Tableware

2018-05-30 16:55:56

Sugarcane-bagasse Material


Bagasse is from sugarcane, it’s a byproduct of sugar mills, so it’s an annually renewable resource.
Bagasse Tableware Manufacturing Process

Carbon Emissions

Bagasse is made of sugarcane fibers rather than oil-based plastics. The carbon in bagasse tableware is captured from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and, after use, sequestered in the earth via composting or other disposal methods. In other words, bagasse tableware can act as a carbon sink.
Hydrocarbons are used in the harvesting of sugarcane, and the transportation and manufacture of finished product. However, because of the carbon sequestering, the net effect is still a reduction in CO2/Greenhouse gas. Much work is being done industry-wide to measure the exact carbon balance based on life cycle analysis methodologies.
Bagasse Tableware Characteristics