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Do you know disposable environmental protection tableware for sugarcane pulp?

2018-10-23 09:02:15

Do you know disposable environmental protection tableware for sugarcane pulp?

For the catering industry, the choice of tableware is very important, especially in the take-out industry, because the simple and unhygienic tableware affects the order quantity is also common. Many businesses use plastic tableware or foam tableware. Although we use these two kinds of tableware in our daily life, we have to remind you that plastic dishware and foam tableware are very destructive to the environment. So now we have introduced a lot of easily degradable paper products tableware and pulp tableware. Today we are coming. Solve the disposable Pulp environmental protection tableware made from sugarcane pulp.

 What is the environmental protection tableware for sugarcane pulp?

Sugarcane Pulp environmental protection tableware is a kind of paper pulp tableware. The paper pulp tableware is made of non-wood plant fibers such as bagasse and straw residue which grow in one year. After processing, the pulp is made into pulp. The pulp is molded by vacuum adsorption molding and drying, and then treated by high-tech, the food-grade waterproof and oil-proof additive is applied. The tableware made by deep processing can replace metal and plastic for people to use it.

What are the characteristics of disposable sugarcane Pulp environmental protection tableware?

Pulp cutlery is called environmental protection cutlery because of its non-toxic, harmless, easy to recycle, renewable, degradable and compostable advantages. The disposable cane pulp environmental protection tableware belongs to the green environmental protection product, the material used-bagasse is harmless to the human body, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to degrade, production, use and destruction process are not, product quality fully meets the national food hygiene requirements, after the product is used up with easy to recycle, easy to dispose of or easy to absorb and so on the characteristics are received. It is one of the degradable compostable environmental protection tableware designated to replace disposable foamed plastic tableware by developed countries in Europe and America. It is safe and environmentally friendly and consumers can use it safely. The traditional foam cutlery not only damages our health, but also seriously pollutes the environment.

  It's time for us to change our acceptance of Pulp environmental cutlery.