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Biodegradable food packaging is set to dominate the market

2018-11-12 13:42:54

Biodegradable food packaging is set to dominate the market

Every year, over 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away . However, very few are recycled and the large majority finishes its lifespan at landfills, generating 25,000 tonnes of waste. In recognition of environmental risks, green living is being embraced by many citizens as well as companies around the world.

 To contribute further in saving the planet and ensuring that safe products reach the hands of consumers, many company will finish revamping its whole range of products by manufacturing only 100% biodegradable ones. Selling over 55 million of branded paper cups up to now.

 A recent research conducted underlines that the cups and bowls segment account for the major biodegradable foodservice disposables market share. This slice is expected to maintain its leading position through 2022. Disposable short-life products such as paper cups moreover dominate the market as a powerful waste management solution. Big event caterers and distributors are actively joining the green movement and subsequently giving a boost to PLA disposable tableware and food packaging, marrying the need for convenience and the need to be environmentally friendly.

   With the access of smart biodegradable technologies, companies and other players in the foodservice industry now have the responsibility to join the green movement.  it is its duty to switch to fully sustainable packaging to help clean up the world’s carbon footprint and prevent further damage to the environment when bioplastic is handy. Its goal is also to preserve and protect the planet not only for the current generations but also for the future ones.