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2018-12-04 18:13:34

Made of sugarcane and wheat pulp, 100% renewable sources, our bagasse tableware are fully biodegradable in an estimated period of 50-100 days.

The use of bagasse tableware, composted together with food remains, is a strategy that reduces methane emissions, a greenhouse gas 21 times more damaging than CO2.

At the heart of sugar cane and the pulp of wheat is also called bagasse (the woody residue of sugar cane).

The compostable and biodegradable bagasse we use in our dishes has these characteristics:

– Suitable for hot and cold meals
– Suitable for one in fridge and freezer
– Biodegradable and compostable
– It’s not toxic. It is free of oil
– Helps protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gases.
Products that make up our bagasse  tableware.


In addition to being an ecological alternative to conventional tableware, it also has a very high cost-efficiency ratio. Also take into account the different designs and sizes for each occasion. For example our always useful sugarcane